10 Mivztoim 


Do a Mitzvah - Bring Moshiach!


A single good deed can tip the balance and make all the difference. The following is the Ten Point Mitzvah Campaign initiated by the Rebbe twenty years ago. The campaign focuses on specific Mitzvot, through the fulfillment of which the individual and the family will come to a greater appreciation of their Jewish heritage.

 Chabad of Sacramento is here to serve you in fulfilling these (and many more!) steps in Jewish observance.  




To increase giving charity and to be reminded to do so by displaying a tzedakah box in our homes and businesses.

Contact Leah to get your tzedakah box for home or office. You can also donate online to Chabad.   


Jewish Education

To involve any and every Jewish child in an educational program that will teach him/her what it means to be a Jew. 

To give your children the Jewish Education they deserve, enroll them in Chabad's Hebrew School! Click here for more information.    



  Family Purity

By observing the laws of Mikvah and family purity, we add a holy dimension to marriage and family that enhances love. 

To learn more about family purity, schedule a tour or an appointment in Sacramento's beautiful, spa-like mikvah, click here.  


  Ahavat Yisroel

To make an effort that our thought, speech and action be permeated with real concern for our fellow man.

For more reading on this subject, click here 



Holy Jewish Books

By having at least a Chumash, Tehillim and Siddur in your home, you transform it into a more sacred environment.

www.KehotOnline.com is a good resource for Jewish books in many languages. You can also come by Chabad's new library to read from our extensive Hebrew and English Jewish book selection.  




Eating only Kosher food enables us to identify with our Judaism on a very real and fundamental level.

If you want to start keeping Kosher, contact Rabbi Mendy Cohen, who can guide you in the process.

Also see our community resource page with the list of stores and kosher food suppliers in Sacramento.   



A proper, Kosher, handwritten Mezuza designates a home as Jewish and protects it and its occupants.

Contact Rabbi Mendy, who can tour your home to specify where mezuzahs are needed, and order kosher mezuzahs for you.  


Shabbat Candles

Women and girls should light Shabbat candles before sunset on Fridays to usher in the holiness of Shabbat.

Click here for local candle lighting time, instructions, and blessings. 




Tefillin are a sign; a public statement of Jewish involvement, an expression of strong Jewish identity.

Contact Rabbi Mendy to start this amazing daily mitzvah. 


Torah Study

To set fixed times for Torah study every day so that our spiritual growth and development be systematic and directed.

Join one of our many Torah Classes , or contact Rabbi Mendy to set up private lessons.