Most people think of summer camp as an escape from boredom, exciting fun, and new friends, and indeed, it is all that. But at Chabad summer camps, it has an even greater responsibility – it saves children. 

At our summer camp, we combine fun with educational activities, while promoting Jewish identity.  The Jewish campers come from very varied backgrounds, without discrimination. Many come from dysfunctional or poverty stricken homes, and our camp is their escape from reality, giving them hope that they do have a chance in life.

These are children who would not have this opportunity elsewhere, and instead could easily be hanging out on the streets with the wrong crowd.  While their parents are distracted, trying to provide for daily basic necessities, these children are getting warmth and love from our staff.  They are taking trips to places they would never get to see, with new friends who are non-judgmental and open minded. Once a camper passes through our doors in the morning, they leave behind all their family’s problems, personal issues, and financial concerns.  Each day they get to start anew, building confidence that will change their future.

Today’s harsh economic reality has forced us to turn away boys and girls who can benefit so much, who need our program in their lives. It pains us to have to tell them that we can’t afford to have them in our camp. We are beseeching you to share your heart with these children, and help support our camp scholarships. This summer, we need to raise $25,000 to enable 50 children or  $10,000 to enable at least 20 children to have an unforgettable and productive summer. 

If you have great summer reminiscences from your childhood, you know what an important and memorable role it played in your life. Your generosity can enable others to experience a summer of unforgettable and cherished memories as well. 

Thank you for your consideration, and we hope you can undertake to sponsor campers at our Camp Gan Israel program this summer. 

Please DONATE HERE and indicate "Camp Scholarship Fund" in the "comments" section.