Friday Night 5pm-6pm: In-Depth Chassidus Class

Shabbat Morning- 9:30 am- In-depth Chassidus Class- preparation for Davening

Sunday 10am-11am: Mishna Club for Boys Ages 9-11

Sunday 11am-12pm: Tanach Club girls ages 9-11

Sunday 7-8 pm: In-Depth Parsha Classes based on sichos of the Lubavitcher Rebbe

Monday 7-8 pm: Rambam 1 Chapter Daily   

Tuesday 7-8 pm: In-depth Halacha Class

Wednesday 7-8 pm: JLI (seasonalmore info

Wednesday 11 am-12 noon: Nach (Prophets and Writings)

Thursday 7-8 pm: Tanya- Chassidic Philosophy