Course through Judaism’s most important titles,

and the authors who inscribed them!

Dates & Location
Wednesday nights, 7:00 pm-8:00 pm
1. Jan 25 
Lesson One: The Torah
2. Feb 1
Lesson Two: The  Midrash
3. Feb 8
Lesson Three: The Talmud
4. Feb 15
Lesson Four:  Halacha
5. Feb 22
Lesson Five: Musar & Jewish Philosophy
6. Mar 1
Lesson Six: Kabbalah & Chasidism
Chabad of Sacramento
945 Evelyn Lane 
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Course Overview

Torah. Tanach. Talmud. Midrash. Halachah. Kabbalah. Musar. Chasidism.

Each of these terms represents a voluminous body of Jewish learning,

containing works by hundreds or even thousands of different authors,

composed over many centuries and in every part of the world. Each genre

has its own unique style, methodology, and purpose. Collectively, they

embody the timeless wisdom of Judaism.

Book Smart is a six-part course that explores the history, the nature, and the

contents of these different areas of Torah literature. Each lesson consists

of two primary components. The first component is a historical overview

of a particular area of Torah. We will review the primary works that define

this field of learning, meet the authors who wrote them, and learn about the

circumstances that prompted their composition.

The second component of each lesson provides an actual taste of these

various forms of learning. Rather than learning about these different genres

of Torah, we will experience them firsthand. We will participate in a Talmudic

debate, analyze a Midrashic parable, solve a Halachic dilemma, unravel

a philosophical conundrum, apply an ethical principle, and decipher an

esoteric Kabbalistic text. By the time that we conclude our six-week journey,

these various areas of Torah will no longer be abstract terms but familiar

domains of the mind, providing us with the contexts for all of our future

Jewish learning.

Latest Course
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Beginning Wednesday, January 25th for 6 weeks
at Chabad of Sacramento {945 Evelyn Lane}
or via Zoom {register to receive link}
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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